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Dott. Ferdinando Ritrovato Fisioterapista Perfezionato in Terapia Manuale

Fisioterapia Terapia Manuale ed Esercizio Terapeutico a Settimo di Montalto Uffugo
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Come ogni anno ormai da 27 anni si celebra oggi in tutto il mondo la giornata mondiale della fisioterapia.
Quest'anno il World PT Day ha voluto focalizzare l'attenzione sull'importanza della "fisioterapia in tutti i luoghi di vita" proprio a voler sottolineare la presenza ormai costante della fis...

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4 months ago
(Translated by Google) At the beginning of April 2023 I had acute cervicobrachialgia, which caused me severe pain in my right arm in the deltoid area, making it very difficult to use the same arm even for the simplest actions (brushing your teeth, shaving, lift very light weights). I couldn't sleep, except by taking 20/25 mg of cortisone a day and in any case I didn't sleep more than 4 hours a night. Dr. Ritrovato was recommended to me by a dear orthopedic friend of mine, and I started a cycle of manual physiotherapy sessions immediately after Easter: at the third session I began to feel better and after the sixth and last session I regained full functionality of the right arm without feeling any more pain. I am grateful to Dr. Ritrovato for the great help he gave me, with seriousness and professionalism. Subsequently, I continued to do the exercises that Dr. Ritrovato showed me at home and I went back to the gym, avoiding significant loads and using a lot of elastic bands for the a...
- Unicorn G
4 months ago
(Translated by Google) After several visits to other doctors, I was resigned to having to live with my severe and constant back pain. I had reached a point where I could no longer sleep and those few hours when I slept I had to do it sitting down because otherwise the pain in my back increased to the point of making me wake up in the throes of very painful spasms and contractions. Even the drugs were no longer able to relieve the pain. It had become even more difficult to carry out daily actions, even the simplest ones. They recommended Dr. Ritrovato to whom I went at first quite skeptical, but already from the first sessions I began to experience its benefits. The pains and movement difficulties gradually disappeared and finally for a few weeks I've been able to rest and carry out my daily activities without any problems, as I haven't been able to do for a few years now. I am deeply grateful to Dottor Ritrovato and to those who introduced me to him, and I hope that my review can be...
- Daniele S
6 months ago
(Translated by Google) I turned to Dr. Found it because I often suffered pain in the cervical and lumbar area, which sometimes forced me to bed. After just 4 sessions I already feel much better, thanks to his manual intervention and the exercises that I now do daily. It doesn't try to sell miracle treatments, but makes you aware of the problem and any physical limitations (mine, for example, is a postural problem) which will always be there and which must be corrected day by day. I am happy to have turned to him because, in addition to being very helpful and professional, he is always very friendly and capable of making his patients feel at ease and making a smile, something that every healthcare professional should be capable of. I highly recommend it. (Original) Mi sono rivolta al dott. Ritrovato perché accusavo spesso dolori nella zona cervicale e lombare, che talvolta mi costringevano a letto. Dopo sole 4 sedute mi sento già molto meglio, grazie al suo intervento manuale e agli...
- Erica C

Fisioterapia e Terapia Manuale

Sono un fisioterapista specializzato in Terapia Manuale e mi occupo di Riabilitazione da 25 anni, nel 2002 per la prima volta in Calabria, ho introdotto l'utilizzo della Terapia Manuale nel trattamento delle patologie neuro-muscolo-scheletriche. Mi aggiorno costantemente recandomi in Italia e all'Estero per perfezionare o apprendere nuove metodiche di Terapia Manuale in grado di soddisfare i bisogni di salute dei miei pazienti



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